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35 years of experience. Over 30,000 satisfied customers

Shambhala Trekking, established by a group of professionals with more than 35 years of experience in the field, is unequalled in its quality service. Its valued clients are unanimous in their expression of appreciation for Shambhala Trekking’s priorities of client safety and comfort. Shambhala is run by the pioneer trekking and mountaineering expert Mr. Padam Ghale, whose vast successes have drawn acclamations from countless persons, including well-known mountaineers and legendary international trekkers ~ for more than two decades! Most of the other successful entrepreneurs in the trekking field in Nepal have studied under his guidance. Perhaps Mr. Ghale’s biggest achievement, after years of expertise in trekking, mountaineering expeditions, peak climbing, hiking, climbing courses, pilgrimages, city tours, safaris, rafting, bungee jumping, sky diving, documentary making, bird watching, meditation, yoga, community service programs and other activities, is that he has not yet received a single complaint from any of his guests.

Alongside the standard packages, Shambhala also offers unique and exciting tours, including flexible ‘off-the-beaten-track’ trails, special packages for the over 50s/60s, luxury trips, photography treks, heli-trips and more. Shambhala also specializes in custom made packages for university and college student groups pursuing their researches and studies. Since organizing travel and trekking is Shambhala’s specialty they frequently surpass guests’ expectations in delivering their promise. Shambhala proudly afirms that over 99% of its clients are extremely satisfied with their services and programs.

Shambhala offers a range of trips to Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India, with each package designed to meet the budget, interests and special requirements of the requesting individuals or groups. Having performed several rescue operations successfully, Shambhala is also on the ‘number one priority list’ for reliable and safe operations among professionals and those in the diplomatic circles in Nepal.

Shambhala also offers special packages linked with the social welfare activities directly benefitting members of marginalized communities who are deprived even of the basic necessities of life, as well as those activities focussed on the education of needy children. Other charity activities of Shambhala include running three charity schools in rural Nepal, which provide free education for underprivileged and destitute children. We also help to organize regular medical camps and emergency relief material distribution to natural disaster victims and coordinate and promote volunteer services for education, health and other technical areas in remote villages directly benefitting socially and financially deprived communities. We are also involved in facilitation of cultural exchange programs between villages in Nepal and interested civic group from abroad.

Government Authorization

Shambhala Trekking is recognized by the Government of Nepal and is authorized to conduct international business in tourism related activities. We are registered with the Nepal Government with a license number: 2375 / 074, issued by the Ministry of Tourism, Tourism Industry Division. Our PAN Number is: 605961368 and our Nepal Government Company registration No. is: 167423 / 73/074.

Shambhala is authorized by the Nepal Rastra Bank ( the Central Bank of Nepal ) to deal in foreign currency and recognized by the Tourism Board of Nepal, Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal and Mountaineering Association of Nepal. it is also associated with the Himalayan Rescue Association ( HRA ).


Shambhala Trekking has team of experienced and well motivated permanent and contractual staffs. The management team consists of highly skilled professionals, and the Chairman of Shambala Trekking, Mr. Padam Ghale, is a pioneer trekker, trekking guide, trekking entrepreneur, mountain rescuer and senior mountaineering instructor. He is the first person to undertake a solo mountaineering expedition in Nepal. He summited Mt. Makalu solo in 1982, as a result of which many other mountaineers started going on solo expeditions. His experience in the trekking industry in Nepal is unmatched. Over the last 30 years, he has organized and conducted countless expeditions, led VVIP trips, including accompanying the Prince and Princess of Spain, and surveyed many new trekking routes. For his endeavor, enthusiasm and his dedication to work, he has received many awards and recognitions. Padam Ghale has participated in many trainings, seminars and also conducted many trainings on mountaineering. He has scaled 4 peaks over 6000 meters high in Nepal, and also has had the privilege of climbing European peaks like Mr. Blanc, Metterhorn and Dolomite in Europe. Mr. Ghale is also the main co-coordinator for the Himalayan Rescue Association of Nepal and the founding member of Nepal National Mountain Guide Association. He is currently the Vice President of this organization. With Mr. Ghale’s initiative and efforts, Nepal National Mountain Guide Association became a member of the International Union of Mountaineering Associations in 2007.

Shambhala’s Managing director is Mr. Mukunda Bista with vast experience in Government service, International travel and culture exposure with profound knowledge in Buddhism and culture of Nepal. He has got 30 years of experience, including 23 years in Government services. He has got 17 years international experience with the development of networks within Asia and between Asia and Europe. Performed as country director in EU-funded projects, including those funded by EU grant programmes in Asia. Extensive experience in the design of environmentally sustainable international projects related to culture, tourism promotion, social empowerment and charity activities. Extensive experience of working with and within national and local government, civil-society organisations and NGO’s in the context of tourism development. Handled various professional teams from international universities and Buddhist scholars in Nepal and India. Extensive research in culture, living heritage and meditation in Nepal. Last but not the least he is also a Buddhist scholar guide.

Executive Committee:

Apart from the Chairman Mr. Ghale and Managing director Mr. Bista, we have 9 executive members assigned as the Directors of the company. Each of them is highly experienced in their respective fields and look after various aspects of the company.


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